Are you suffering from the post-holiday blues?

By now, most of us are back at work mourning the end of our Christmas holidays.
Getting back into a routine can be difficult, and let’s be honest, not very motivating.

So, what can we do to help deal with our post-holiday blues and maintain a work life balance?

Embrace it.
It is ok to feel sad that it’s over.

Don’t get stressed out each morning organising lunches and looking for clothes, shoes and keys! Prep everything the night before to ensure your day starts smoothly.

Don’t skip breakfast.
Eating a healthy breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, stabilise blood sugar and improves concentration. It provides the energy needed to get things done and stay focused.

Leave early.
Try and avoid peak hour traffic by leaving for work a little earlier. This will give you time to relax and enjoy your coffee before the work day begins.

Sort through your tasks in order of urgency and create a to do list. This will help you feel organised, prepared and grounded, making everything seem manageable. Seeing each task in front of you will help you stay motivated and focused.

Set Goals.
Set yourself a new goal, whether it be learning something new or taking walks during your lunch break.

Keep Smiling.
Smiling releases feel good endorphins and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. And it’s contagious! You never know whose day you’ll brightening.

Listen to Music.
Music is uplifting, so find a motivating playlist that won’t distract you but will keep you from falling asleep!

Go Out For Lunch.
Whether you go to a café’ or just outside to sit and eat, your brain needs to recharge, which won’t happen if you eat lunch at your workspace. By stepping away to eat, you will improve your digestion and sleep, decrease stress and increase afternoon energy levels. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy spending time doing an activity that they enjoy, like reading a book or chatting to a colleague?

Choose Healthy Lunches & Snacks.
Not only for the obvious reason of health, but also to give your body all the needed vitamins and nutrients to power through the day.

Start Planning your Next Holiday.
Because why not? You only live once and a new adventure to look forward to is always fun 🙂


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