Integra Systems

Integra Systems have been providing award winning industrial product design and execution all over the world since 1991. Integra have completed a vast range of projects including customised point of sale systems in many sectors including; workspace, energy, lighting, architectural design, signage, civil infrastructure, transport and defense systems.

Air Powered Services have been able to provide the best solution for Integra’s needs – a compressor package that will provide both low and high pressure.

“Our new air compressor is a vital part of Integra System’s rapid prototyping and agile manufacturing capability, enabling our suite of advanced manufacturing machine tools to run at maximum capacity consistently without the risk of downtime.” Paul Minty, Integra Engineering and Operations Manager.

“Air Powered Services reviewed and carefully analysed our production requirements and were able to provide the best solution for our company’s needs, while staying competitive. Steve has been very professional and his product knowledge throughout the whole process ensured the right equipment for our demand. We will definitely continue to recommend Air Powered Services.” Russell Hughes, Integra Director of Innovation




QuikCorp is Australian owned and operated, offering premium manufacturing of innovative equipment to the agricultural, emergency services and mining sectors. With such a diverse range of products, QuikCorp also has a presence in numerous applications within the industrial and commercial markets.

“When the need for a new compressed air system arose, the team from Air Powered Services came to mind. Air Powered Services were able to recommend and install a complete solution to suit our business needs. The customer service we received cannot be faulted, just one of the reasons we will continue to do business with Air Powered Services in the future.” – Dale Burnett – Production Manager