Galvanised Air Receivers

Compressed air users in industrial and workshop applications are demanding ever-greater availability, quality and efficiency from this versatile energy source. Modern compressed air supply systems are therefore often complex and rely on the quality of their components to ensure optimum performance, which is why it is also important to invest in an air receiver that is capable of meeting these needs.
By selecting a KAESER compressed air receiver you can be sure that it fulfils your compressed air system’s exact requirements and is manufactured and tested in accordance with KAESER’s uncompromising quality standards. The same also applies to all accessories and installation components. In addition, procurement, planning and installation are made simple, as KAESER are a single source provider of complete compressed air system solutions.


Long Inspection Intervals

Meticulous design in accordance with AD 2000 regulations enables 5 year inspection cycles. This not only reduces service and maintenance costs, but also increases compressed air efficiency and availability.

300% Increased Service Life

All KAESER air receivers are hot-dip galvanised both internally and externally in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461 to ensure outstanding corrosion protection. Galvanised air receivers from KAESER last approximately 3 times longer than other conventional models available on the market.

Excellent Maintenance Access

Cleaning, maintenance and receiver inspection tasks are made simple thanks to generously sized access openings. Efficiency is further enhanced as a result.

Installation Ready

The threads on all KAESER air receivers are precision finished directly after the galvanisation process to enable quick, reliable installation.