The KAESER DSD 175 T SFC rotary screw compressor is equipped with a large, efficient airend featuring high performance SIGMA PROFILE rotors. The airends in the DSD 175 T SFC units are powered by a direct drive system that eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear drive systems, enabling these compressors to provide significant energy savings.

The SFC (SIGMA FREQUENCY CONTROL) module and the compressor are seamlessly integrated into a compact, hard-wired unit that delivers maximum performance, yet requires minimal floor space.

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KAESER DSD 175 T SFC Rotary Screw Compressor

  • Rated Motor Power kW – 90
  • Working Pressure Bar – 7.5,10
  • FAD*) Complete Package at Working Pressure m3/min – 3.67-18.43,3.5-15.6
  • Max. Operating Pressure Bar – 10
  • Dimensions W x D x H mm – 2990 x 1730 x 2150
  • Sound Pressure Level **) dB(A) – 71
  • Weight kg – 3610
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