KAESER N Series Booster

KAESER’s wide range of boosters, feature the very latest innovations in reciprocating compressor technology.
These include newly designed compressor blocks with oil pumps and a high efficiency cooler, both of which are essential for optimised high pressure system operation. In addition, design details such as pressurised oil lubrication and intensive cylinder cooling allow up to 100 percent duty cycles.

Why do you need a Booster?

The ability to offer compressed air at various pressures makes it one of the most versatile energy sources available. Special applications require specifically tailored solutions in order to achieve optimum efficiency.
Boosters are ideal for applications such as PET container production for example, where compressed air is required at a higher pressure than the standard works or control air at particular points in the manufacturing process. In such instances, it is more economical to use the existing works air and boost it to the higher pressure with a small local compressor, rather than to operate the whole compressed air system at the higher pressure. Regulating the pressure of a high pressure network to suit low-pressure applications (which account for most air usage) is simply a waste of money.
KAESER offers a comprehensive range of high performance reciprocating compressors that are able to boost compressed air from a screw compressor up to pressures as high as 45 bar. These machines are perfectly matched for use with KAESER Compressor’s extensive range of screw compressors and SIGMA PET Air systems.


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Boosters for Lower Demand

The smaller models in this range are best suited to applications where low volumes of air are needed at up to 40 bar pressure. These compressors are equipped with one- or two-cylinder compressor blocks and are driven by high efficiency motors with up to 4 kW capacity. The quality of these units is second to none as all compressor blocks are designed, manufactured and assembled by KAESER.

Medium to Larger Demand

When greater volumes of air are needed at pressures up to 45 bar then the larger of the KAESER booster models are the natural choice. The core of these “power houses” is the high-precision, two- or three cylinder compressor block with specially finished high quality cylinders and premium efficiency eff1 electric motors providing capacities up to 45 kW. The manual (two-cylinder models) or automatic drive belt tensioning systems (three-cylinder models) ensure constant efficient power transmission for reliable and economic operation.
According to application, air-cooled or water-cooled aftercooler versions are available (N 253 G – N 502 only air-cooled, from N 753 G air- or water-cooled aftercooler). Air-cooled versions (N 753 G – N 2001 G) are equipped with a separate fan-assisted aftercooler to keep the temperature differential between the inlet and compressed air (ΔT) within close tolerances. To ensure optimum cooling performance with a ΔT value of only approximately 5 K even at high ambient temperatures, models N 753 to N 2001 can be equipped with a water-cooled compressed air aftercooler.