SAM 8/8

Integrated performance for maximum energy savings

An orchestra is far more than simply a collection of musicians. It is the conductor who brings together the individual players to create a single powerful and distinctive sound. The Sigma Air Manager (SAM) from KAESER plays a very similar role within a compressed air supply system: Utilising the latest master control and web server technology, the SAM is an invaluable tool for ensuring optimised air system availability and energy efficiency.

Your compressed air costs at a glance

Sigma Air Control Plus provides a meaningful, detailed cost centre report. It is also suitable for in-house cost allocation purposes (following installation of decentralised flow rate measuring sensors).
The following information is provided:
• Compressor load data, delivery, performance, specific power requirement
• Total costs
• Graphical display of cost overview (with possibility for manual value input e.g. for maintenance and repair costs)
• Operating data from the long-term memory (over an elapsed period of up to one year)
• Energy cost settings
The data can also be exported. The cost centre report can be called up as required on any PC with internet access via Ethernet, modem or an RS232 connection. The Sigma Air Manager’s integrated web server provides easy access to all data.

Adaptive 3-D-control

The adaptive 3-D-control detects switching losses (starts/stops), control losses (idling and FC losses) and pressure flexibility (average increase over required pressure), optimises the ratios between these determining factors and minimises the associated energy requirement. Pressure performance is also improved and average pressure is reduced.

Built-in efficiency

The SAM automatically ensures optimum energy consumption. Users therefore benefit from outstanding energy efficiency and user-friendly operation: Just input the required pressure and compressor performance data – the rest is done for you.

Integrated web server

Using powerful industrial PC-based technology, the SAM is an all-in-one master control system and web server. This versatile system not only ensures energy saving control, but – thanks to advanced communication technology – also provides unrivalled transparency relating to key data such as operational status, energy consumption and compressed air system costs.


The SAM can be easily connected to Kaeser’s ‘Teleservice’ remote diagnostics and demand-oriented
maintenance service. Using the modem interface, data is sent to the Kaeser Service Centre via SMS or a standard telephone line. This feature further enhances system availability.