In developing the SECOTEC dryer range, KAESER’s goal was to produce a system that consumed minimal energy and which would provide optimal reliability and userfriendliness. The resulting SECOTEC system from KAESER fulfils all of these requirements and, in contrast to most refrigeration drying systems, uses a highly efficient cycling system: SECOTEC Control. Therefore, the dryer’s refrigeration circuit consumes power only when necessary.


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SECOTEC – Energy Savings All Day, Every Day

The high capacity thermal mass is cooled down to cut-out temperature by the refrigeration circuit and extracts the heat from the compressed air that flows through the heat exchanger. As soon as the temperature of the thermal mass rises to the cut-in temperature the refrigerant compressor starts and cools it down again. This feature considerably enhances efficiency compared with non-cycling controllers.

Minimal pressure drop for greater energy savings

The air/air and refrigerant/air heat exchangers are equipped with generously sized smooth-flow copper piping to ensure minimal pressure drop. SECOTEC dryers do not require a pre-filter, which means that costly pressure drops caused by additional filters are avoided.

Dependable, energy saving condensate drainage

The ECO-DRAIN is fitted with an intelligent level sensing control that prevents pressure loss when the condensate is drained from the air system. When the collector tank is full, the level sensor opens a diaphragm valve and the condensate is drained off without pressure loss.

Efficient stainless steel condensate separator

A deflector plate forces the compressed air that streams into the separator into circular motion. The air then flows through a stainless steel wire mesh that ensures 99.9 % water separation from the air. This allows the required pressure dew point of +3 °C to be reliably maintained. The stainless steel separator tank*) is completely corrosion resistant.

Industrial quality control cabinet for increased safety

Every SECOTEC dryer is EN 60204-1 compliant and is tested for electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with applicable EMC standards. Unlike equipment conforming to VDE 0700, SECOTEC dryers conform to a strict industrial standard and are therefore equipped with a control cabinet to IP 54, a control transformer and fuses for the control and power circuits. The whole system is designed with maximum safety and reliability in mind.

User friendly operation

Due to its convenient position on all models, the control panel can be viewed at a glance, whilst a dew point trend gauge integrated within the panel monitors dryer operation. System features include: Emergency/Off switch, LEDs to indicate “Thermal Mass Active” and “Refrigerant Compressor ON”. All of these features provide outstanding ease of operation and further increase system reliability.