Large Desiccant Dryer

As with the smaller DC desiccant dryers from KAESER, larger desiccant dryer models alike are also easy to transport, simple to install and provide outstanding performance. Meticulous design and high quality durable components ensure minimal operating and service costs. This is largely due to the very low purge air requirement of 13.5 % that can be attributed to the generous fill volume of KAESER’s high-quality SIGMA Dry desiccant. Efficient operation is monitored and managed with the multi-function ECO CONTROL or ECO CONTROL basic control systems. The dryer system achieves maximum reliability through installation of KAESER pre- and particulate filters.

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    Large Desiccant Dryer
    DC 169-1545

    With an open design and suited for pressures up to 10 bar(g), or optionally up to 16 bar(g), these large desiccant dryers provide the same reliability and efficiency as their smaller counterparts. The modular construction enables easy transportation and installation, whilst excellent component accessibility greatly simplifies maintenance and service work.

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