TEX 20-21 Pneumatic Light Breaker Series

The Hard-Hitting All-Rounder

Most of the time you want a reliable all-rounder. The fighting weight of the TEX 20 and TEX 21 at around 20kg, is about 5kg lighter than most breakers in the same class. But with their long piston stroke they deliver the extra punch needed for breaking materials that are a bit harder. This makes them ideal for general purpose service or demolition jobs.

Easier on your hands – and your ears

The TEX 21 comes with spring-dampened handles that reduce vibration. The slim profile silencer gives the operator a good, full view of the chisel. The silencer cuts the noise from the machines by up to 75%, making working life for the operator easier and quieter; and more productive. There is also a standard, noise-reduced model with fixed handles in the range, the TEX 20. Both models are equally easy to service and come with a standard hexagonal shank, or special round shank with square collar.

Typical Application Areas

  • Service jobs
  • General demolition
  • For use in medium hard materials