TEX 32-40 Heavy Demolition Breaker Series

No Weaknesses Here

What more could you want from a class of heavy pneumatic breakers: good power-to-weight ration, reduced noise and vibration, and extremely durable and productive. For years, these heavy duty TEX breakers have been proving their value to customers worldwide, under the most demanding of conditions. This series incorporates the TEX 33PE and TEX 40PE with spring dampened handles allow up to 7 times the trigger time of conventional fixed-handled machines at a given level of vibration-exposure for the operator. By reducing the in-use vibration value of the machines, Atlas Copco’s HAPS system decreases the negative effects of harmful vibration at a given trigger time. Coupled with the slim silencers, which reduce the noise level by up to 75%, while still providing full view of the chisel, tyou have machines that can be used for a prolonged period and are extremely productive. The TEX 32PS and TEX 39PS offer state-of-the-art noise reduction in combination with an efficient and well-proven design. These reliable workhorses are at work all around the world. They have fixed handles, but are otherwise indentical to the vibro-reduced nits. The various models in the series have many common parts and therefore your parts inventory can be kept to a minimum.

Typical Application Areas

  • General demolition
  • For use in medium and hard materials such as asphalt and concrete