Think about longevity, not just price

Why is it that when we think of purchasing products, price is the first thing that comes to mind?

While price is always an important factor, it’s important to also research into the performance quality and longevity of a product.

A cheaper version may save you some money upfront, but does it end up being cheaper in the long run? This is where research and trusting the brand you’re purchasing becomes important.

Ask yourself:

  • has it been poorly made with cheap parts that are hard to source?
  • will your production halt after a breakdown, if you have to wait for parts?
  • how much downtime can you afford?

Cost of ownership is important when it comes to maximising your return on investment. This is why we strongly advocate the use of KAESER industrial compressors, as they provide a long-term solution that can run up to 80,000 hours, before they need to be re-built or retired.

When compared to cheaper compressors you may find yourself out-of-pocket over the same time period having needed to replace or repair multiple units.

Purchasing a KAESER is a sound business investment. Firstly, they’re built in Germany to the highest quality standards. Secondly, and most importantly, they’re reliable, efficient and provide superior performance. You can be safe that you’re choosing a compressor that is not cheaply made, has great re-sale value and is a globally recognised brand with over 30 years of history in Australia.

Choose KAESER, choose Air Powered.