Top 3 Hiring Benefits

Why hire and not buy? It’s a classic debate that business buyers have to face in all sorts of industries, from construction to manufacturing and everywhere in between. We’ve asked Dean, our Hire Expert what his top 3 hiring benefits are.

  1. Flexibility – Hiring offers the flexibility of a speedy solution. The duration of the hire is completely up to you. You may need it for only a day, a week, a month or longer. There is no minimum nor maximum hire duration. You can call any time to extend the hire if your job runs longer than expected.
  2. Cost – Hiring involves much less capital expenditure. It’s a convenient and quicker process than purchasing capital equipment. With hire equipment, the service and maintenance is taken care of, and you aren’t paying for down-time. Hiring is also a great option while undertaking the process of due diligence in making a purchasing decision.
  3. Expertise – The great thing about hiring from Air Powered is the expert advice. Unsure of the size of compressor required for your project? Our team can guide you toward the best compressed air solution for your project. We have a large fleet of compressed air equipment to suit every application. Through careful consultation, we endeavor to find the best solution to suit your needs. And if your needs change, we can tailor the solution to suit.

Are our top 3 hiring benefits not enough? Contact our hire department today for more.