Why we choose KAESER Compressors

And why you should too.

Air Powered are national KAESER Compressor partners and have been for over a decade.

Why? Because we choose quality over price. We believe that compressors should last the life of your business and that parts should be readily available, to ensure it keeps performing as you expect.

Air Powered is a specialist compressed air business. We run 24/7, we have sales, hire and service of diesel and electric compressors, on road technicians, are privately owned and very keen and committed to what we are doing.

One thing we do from a sales perspective is represent KAESER Compressors here in Victoria and Australia. KAESER Compressors are one of the preeminent brands of compressors on the market today. They provide superior performance with a long-held reputation for reliability and efficiency.

KAESER Compressors are:

  • Designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Recognised as a global leading brand, with over 30 years history in Australia
  • Renowned for their
    • High Quality Components and Chassis
    • High Reliability
    • Great re-sale value
    • Fuel Efficiency
    • 12-month warranty on all new KAESER Compressors
    • 2-year warranty on airend, with option for 5-year extended warranty
    • Reliability – less breakdowns, less headaches or reasons to worry.

Pricing wise, yes KAESER Compressors are more expensive than our common competitors here in Australia, but there is good reasoning. ALMOST all of our competitors’ compressors sold here in Australia (yes, Atlas Copco, Sullair, Ingersoll Rand to name a few) are now being manufactured in Asia – which I bet you didn’t even know.

These brands, that for so long, were manufactured in the US or Western Europe are now being made in Asia with locally sourced component standards. As a result, the quality just isn’t as good as it used to be. A lot of these parts are now proving very difficult to source, meaning if your compressor breaks down, your production/construction works will come to a stop.

So, if you’re looking for higher quality, long term generational compressors, then look at KAESER Compressors and Air Powered Services to provide that for you.