3 Tips To Keep Your Compressor Running.

Maintaining the integrity of your compressor is key to energy efficiency and limiting downtime in your business.

Here are some suggestions to help you maximise your compressed air system.

  1. Keep your coolers clean
    This is an area usually overlooked and is often where the problems begin. Dirty coolers can cause temperatures inside the compressor to increase. When the temperatures increase, the air density is reduced, resulting in a reduction in the air flow and compressor efficiency.
  2. Ventilation
    If the compressor is installed in a poorly ventilated room, it will struggle to run. This type of strain on a compressor inhibits it from performing at full capacity. Plenty of ventilation is the key.
  3. Regular Servicing
    Follow the service schedule! Just like a vehicle, regular servicing is imperative to ensure your compressor operates at its best. Trouble shooting problems before they arise and minimising interruptions to your business are the added benefits of maintaining the recommended service schedule of your compressor.

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