To the (air)power of one

Unlike a multinational, Air Powered isn’t 1500 staff who can’t help you. We’re thirty-five air specialists who’ll handle all your hire, sales and service needs. You only need one name and number to keep your business running on air.

Big enough to power large-scale projects, but small enough you can always get a conversation with an expert who can quickly get things moving, we work harder to make sure our standard response is, “Consider it done.”

Why choose Air Powered?

  • We know air – after 30 years in this business, there’s no compressed air-related problem we haven’t solved before.
  • Top-quality products – German design and engineering speaks for itself. It’s a difference in build-quality and longevity you just can’t ignore.
  • Superior backup service – meticulous servicing and responsive emergency repair is your best defence against downtime. When our customers send out an SOS, they rest easy knowing their problem is as good as solved.
  • Better ROI – reliable, efficient equipment backed up with our expertise, servicing capability, and a borderline obsession with delivering the best possible customer service means we’re unbeatable on value.

Why Choose Us?