Air Powered, celebrating 30 years

When you focus on doing one thing for three decades, you’re going to get pretty darn good at it. And that’s the secret to Air Powered’s success.

Murray Closter and Tony Foster kicked off Air Powered back in 1992 when they first spotted a gap in the rental market. Tony’s plans may have taken him in a different direction, but Murray picked up that thread, carrying their original vision forward: listen to customers and solve the problems that keep them up at night. Even when that means designing and building something new.

Initially operating out of Brunswick, Air Powered started out as the go-to hire place for specialist compressors. As the business evolved, adding sales and compressor servicing to their offering, the team outgrew their premises, forcing a move out to Airport West. Doubling down in all things compressed air drove further expansion, which meant a purpose-built premises in Tullamarine. (And Murray reckons even that is starting to feel a little small).

In the beginning, the hire fleet was built up with a mix of new and second-hand equipment. These days Air Powered partners with world leading brands to offer customers from all industry sectors a vast range of modern specialist compressed air equipment, maintained to impeccable standards.

When you work with Air Powered, you partner with a team of compressed air experts who put your needs at the centre of everything they do. That means pairing the right advice with modern, reliable, cost and energy efficient equipment to find the best solution for your business.

Air Powered may have seen plenty of changes over the years, but one thing has stayed exactly the same: walk in with a problem and you’ll walk out with a solution. It’s what got them to here and no doubt, that’s what will see them last another 30 years.

Cheers to that!