Benefits of Long Term Air Compressor Hire

Air Compressors - long-term hire

If there’s one constant in the world of industry, it’s change. Is long term air compressor hire the key?

Project dates, scopes and requirements are constantly shifting, making it difficult for a company to accommodate these changing needs without an ability to similarly adjust the amount of equipment they have.

A long term hire provides this type of flexibility. A long term hire is perfect for companies who want to conserve capital and give themselves room to adjust the amount of machines they have on any given project. There are a few other key benefits that make a long-term hire a great decision for companies large and small.

Why Long Term Hire?

A long term hire is any equipment hire that a company keeps on for six months or more. Companies pay a flat rate each month to use their long-term hire.

At Air Powered Services, all of our equipment is available for long term hire.

Why choose a long-term hire over a purchase or a short term hire? Several reasons:

  • It allows you to quickly scale your equipment requirements up or down as your needs change. If you only buy your equipment, it will be time-consuming and expensive to purchase every bit of equipment that you need for a specific job.
  • No need to worry about maintenance. With a long term hire from Air Powered Services, the cost of on-site maintenance is included in your monthly fee. We will come to your site and fix any problems with your machine in a timely fashion.
  • A long term hire helps you conserve capital. If your company needs to maximise its liquid cash, a long term hire will help prevent you from having to invest a large amount of money in compressors.

Choosing a Long-Term Hire from Air Powered Services

At Air Powered Services, we’ve been serving the compressor hire needs of companies throughout Australia for more than twenty years. Partnering with Air Powered Services means that you get your long term hire from a company with the equipment and expertise necessary to satisfy your project needs.

Our compressors are all carefully selected to provide our clients with only the best in air pressure performance. A decision to go with a long term hire from APS means you get a price point that is easy to handle, stress-free maintenance, and access to some of the best air compressors when and where you want them.

To talk to one of our team about long term hire and whether it’s right for you, get in touch today.