Insituform Pacific

“We hired 3 x 1000CFM compressors to drive our large liners here. Without those machines those liners aren’t going in the ground.

You provide all our air powered solutions to drive our large liners here.

With the availability of your gear, our propensity to change things on the fly, and our need to transport gear between our Melbourne and Geelong offices, Air Powered Services have been the one to provide the solutions we need.

We invariably always recommend Air Powered.” – George Gasparatos Project Manager Insituform Pacific, Melbourne and Geelong.

Insituform is a leading worldwide provider of cured in place pipe and other technologies and services for the rehabilitation of pipeline systems. Insituform’s businesses consist of sewer, water and industrial trenchless pipeline rehabilitation and protection.

Air Powered partnered with Insituform to supply 1000CFM diesel air compressors to enable the lining of pipeline for Barwon Water in Geelong. Without the right compressed air solution, Insituform couldn’t execute and complete the project.

At Air Powered we build and value long term relationships. We know that reliability and trust is at the core, that’s why we always do our very best not to let our customers down.

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