Seymour Whyte

“From Air Powered Services we’re hiring big range air compressors, air scabblers, air picks, big jackhammers, massive range of tools. The best thing about Air Powered Services is not only their service but the tool range they have. That’s what you want in a supplier. I highly recommend Air Powered Services, they’ve been great.” – Charlie Jackson – Lead Hand on Swan Street Bridge

Seymour Whyte Constructions was awarded the design and construct contract to upgrade this Melbourne landmark in December 2016. The $25 million project included a new eastbound lane and new pedestrian and cycle paths.

Seymour Whyte hired a KAESER MOBILAIR M100 diesel compressor and a range of air powered tools to utilize the powers of compressed air on site.

Made in Germany, the KAESER MOBILAIR M100 Portable Diesel Compressor is in a league of its own when comes to versatility. It can be precisely tailored to meet the needs of the relevant application. The powerful combination of cost-effective Kubota engine, KAESER airend and SIGMA PROFILE delivers outstanding performance with reduced fuel consumption.

At Air Powered, we know the ability to respond when needed, be on time and reliable is crucial for all projects. We understand the importance of a fast response and versatile product range so large projects run on schedule. Our hire team are on hand to provide the best range of compressed air solutions for your project.

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