Visy Packaging

“At Visy Coburg, the site manufactures a range of aluminium ends that go on beer and beverage cans.

We decided to partner with Air Powered because we have got a longstanding relationship with them already. They are very quick to respond if we’ve ever had any issues.

From our selection criteria for a compressor we had a range of options. We were specifically targeting the oil free compressor range. It’s a brand-new cell and it requires very, very good clean air at the right pressures constantly. We chose the KAESER unit over all of the competitor’s compressors primarily because we were very impressed with the quality of the build and the reliability that came with that quality. This model came up the best under a load profile review. It services our needs. It’s only been installed for about a month so far and it hasn’t faulted at all, it’s been an exceptional unit. We’re very, very happy with it.

The service from Air Powered is very good. I would recommend them to anyone else that wants to use them. Definitely the follow up and response times – no second visits for the same issue which is very important to us.” – Richard Assen, National Manufacturing Manager, Visy Industries

The KAESER Variable Speed Controlled Screw Compressor, DSG 260-2 offers a new dimension in oil free compression. KAESER 2 stage oil-free rotary air compressors are built to last, offering long term efficiency and performance. They are a complete unit, ready to operate, fully automatic with a service friendly design.

At Air Powered, our goal is to provide the best compressed air solution for your business. As compressed air specialists, we partner with world leading brands to provide the most energy efficient and cost-effective compressors on the market. We provide continued support and service to our customers post installation. Long term relationships are how we measure success.

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