Continuous Supply of Breathable Air

Some of the most dangerous tasks in industry today are those that require confined space entry.

Many applications require a continuous supply of breathable air, such as but not limited to;

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Tank inspections
  • Gas or fuel applications
  • Low O2 or high CO2 environments

Air Powered have produced a comprehensive line of custom built breathing air compressor systems, specialising in providing continuous supply of breathable air. Eliminating the need for expensive medical air consumables.

Accompanied by an impressive fleet of confined space entry equipment, plus the knowledge and experience which instils confidence, the Air Powered Hire team have your safety in mind whilst being at the forefront of industrial innovation.

Speak to the Hire Team on 1800 247 769 and find out how we can help make sure you get to go home at the end of the day.