Why Your Food Business should be using an Oil Free Compressor

Food, beverage and pharmaceutical businesses have unique needs when it comes to production, packaging, and transportation of their products. Unlike other business types, where factors such as contamination are not that relevant, it can be disastrous for a Food, beverage and pharmaceutical business to have a mishap with their compressed air system, it can lead to entire batches being spoiled, and downtime while the problem is rectified.

That’s where oil free compressors come in. Here we’ll take a look at what oil free compressors are, the pros and cons of using them, and how to choose the best oil free compressor for your business.

Use of compressed air in the food and beverage industry

Typical uses of compressed air in the food and beverage industry include:

  • Packaging – for creating the vacuum used in many food packaging processes
  • Food filling machines – used in cleaning and manufacturing
  • Product handling – for moving products along the production process
  • Generating nitrogen –compressed air used to produce nitrogen for the packaging process
  • Air knives – used in cutting and peeling food products such as vegetables and fruit
  • Fluid pumps – for moving liquid components used in the production and filling processes

For almost all of these functions, it is imperative that the air being used is of the highest quality and free of all contaminants.

What is an Oil Free Compressor?

Oil free compressors use an air end that does not require oil injection to lubricate or cool the internal parts of the air end, they are also designed to make sure the oil used in lubricating the gears can never come in contact with the compressed air being produced via an extensive sealing system.

Oil free compressors deliver lower maximum discharge pressure capability, leading to lower power consumption, and thus lower operating cost.

Aside from introducing oil free air into the product stream, oil free compressors are also environmentally friendly as the condensate produced is oil free as well.

Usage of Oil Free Compressors in Various Industries

Oil free compressors are widely used in industrial processes where air purity is critical for the safety and success of their operations and products. They are favoured for use in food processing, where an oil free air steam is required to prevent contamination. An oil free compressor is also the first choice for the electronic industries because of their very strict environmental requirements.

Oil Free Compressors vs Oil Based Compressors

Oil injected compressors are cheaper to purchase than oil free compressors, however the risks of contamination due to filters not working properly, improper maintenance or missed routine filter replacement, are all factors to keep in mind for industries that are compressed air sensitive.

Oil Injected compressors are better suited where contamination is not a crucial issue and where very high pressure is needed, as oil-based is capable of greater output.

Replacing Your Existing Compressor with One That’s Oil Free

If you are involved in a Food, beverage and pharmaceutical business that are using a traditional oil-injected compressor, there is no need to panic and rush out to buy an oil free alternative, but it is worth keeping an oil-free compressor in mind next time you decide to replace your existing compressor.

We can replace your existing compressor with minimal downtime so you’ll be able to rest easy that your operation won’t be affected, and will have the peace of mind that comes with using oil free air.

Even small businesses can benefit from switching to an oil-free compressor as they come in a variety of sizes to suit all needs.

Bottom Line

Oil free compressors are the best choice for industries that require very high standards of air purity, such as the Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry’s. The higher purchase cost is offset by lower maintenance and operation costs, and any application that doesn’t require high output can benefit from oil free compressed air.

Air Powered Services can provide sales, hire, and service for high quality oil free compressors. Get in touch today to discuss the oil-free options for your food business.