Hot Weather Causes Overheating Compressors

Prevent your compressor from overheating this summer by getting it checked by our qualified technicians.

 Regular servicing, maintenance and checks will:

  • Keep your compressor in top working condition
  • Bring any malfunctions to light – CATCH POTENTIAL PROBLEMS BEFORE THEY CAUSE HAVOC eg. Overheating, fire, unexpected shutdowns, etc.
  • Save thousands on replacements costs
  • Prevent downtime
  • Keep your compressor up-to-date with all OH&S requirements
  • Help assist in maintenance safe working practices

Air Powered Services also perform:

  • Major servicing
  • Air end rebuilds
  • Compressor overhauls
  • Air receiver testing
  • Comprehensive reporting regarding your compressed air system performance while in operation
  • Pipework installations