How has Air Powered changed over the years?

“In the early days, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves by buying, you know, inferior product or second hand gear and doing it up and then sending it out to rental or selling it to clients.

It’s a bit tricky because even though it hits a cost point, it really makes it difficult.

And you put pressure on your own staff to maintain the equipment and keep it going.

So the real change over the last 30 years is running from a pretty basic hire fleet, where we had to keep things going all the time to a fleet now, which is really industry best standard. All the equipment which in our hire fleet is new, low houred and very fuel efficient.

And if it goes out on sites, it’s really great.

We’ve got a great range of oil free and electric compressors we know that are products top of the market.

So it just takes the pressure off our staff.

It’s still very busy here, but it’s a different kind of busy and it’s a busy about trying to get the gear out the door to the client on time, rather than trying to keep the gear going, which is great, a great position to be in for business as you look back on it, where we’ve gotten to.” – Murray Closter