Kaeser M 500-2 – Compressed Air Titan

KAESER M 500-2: Innovative, powerful, low-emission.

KAESER will unveil the new flagship of its portable compressor range at Bauma 2013. Here’s a sneak preview of the details…

The KAESER M 500-2 is a diesel-powered dry-running rotary screw compressor designed to cater to industrial compressed air needs. At the heart of this fifty-cubic-metre compressor is a proven two-stage rotary screw airend. Its sandblasted, phosphate rotors feature an innovative heat-resistant coating rated up to 300 degrees, showing no measurable wear even after years of use. As a result, the M 500-2 does not use any more fuel to generate a specific volume of compressed air on its hundredth shift than it did during its first shift. Endurance is another key strength of this compressed air titan thanks to its large capacity fuel tank, which enables back-to-back operation over two shifts without the need to refuel.

The M 500-2 supplies compressed air from 6.9 bar to 10.3 bar; capacity varies between 38 m3/min (10.3 bar) and 45.8m3/min (6.9 bar). Powering the compressor is a low emission Caterpillar C18 diesel engine rated at 447.5 kW/609 HP that ensures dependable and quiet operation at all times. It is equipped with a particulate filter, meaning that the entire system is fully compliant with the current European exhaust directive 2004/26/EC Stage III B. A variety of Mobilair 500-2 design features facilitate transportation. The Sigma Control Mobile compressor controller ensures reliable, energy-efficient operation, whilst the compressed air aftercooler with centrifugal separator provides application-specific, dry compressed air.

The compressor, which comes standard with a spark arrestor and motor shutoff valve for installation in refineries, is mounted on a supporting chassis, with parking brake so that it can be quickly and safely positioned anywhere. It also features crane and lashing eyes as well as forklift pockets. The colossal unit, which weights in at just under twelve tonnes, can therefore be precisely placed where it is needed, This will generally be in industrial settings wherever compressed air is needed to bridge maintenance or restricting work on a facility’s primary compressed air station. Tunnel construction is also an interesting potential application; for example the KAESER M 500-2 can provide a dependable source of support air for large tunnel boring machines.

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Kaeser M500-2