Murray’s biggest achievements over the last 30 years

“When I think about achievements, it’s really difficult to look at a job, or you know, a piece of equipment or one specific client.

So I think it’s really interesting when we go out as a group, the business and the people on it, we really reflect on stories of people that have been in the business and moved on and enjoying that we’re actually part of the community is really rewarding and I find it to be probably the best achievement that we can do is we’ve been employing people for 30 years.

We’ve watched their families grow. My family’s grown as well.

So you really get that achievement out of being in business for 30 years that you really kind of helping people, you know, go through their life.

And I know it’s probably sounds a little bit tricky or corny, but it really is the memories of these people that you meet in business and through business and out on employees and the things that make you turn up the next day and have a few laughs and really get on with what you’r doing.

So if I had to answer it, I just have to say it’s the people, and it’s the Air Powered people that have really made it great.” – Murray Closter