New – Atlas Copco LT5005 and LT6005 rammers

Air Powered Services is proud to announce a new line of rammers that are now available for hire or sale. The Atlas Copco LT5005 and LT6005 rammers can be used for a wide range of compaction applications.

The LT5005 and LT6005 rammers offer a powerful engine, state-of-the-art technology, and a high level of control for the user. All of these features are combined in a package designed to be sleek and light yet still strong enough to get the job done.

These rammers are also supplied with hour meters to ensure they are not over or under serviced, which saves you time and money.

The Atlas Copco rammer LT6005 application picture



  • 61 kg operating weight
  • 15-18 m/min operating speed
  • 150 mm plate width
  • 330 mm plate length
  • Overall LxWxH: 726x345x1025 (mm)


  • 69 kg operating weight
  • 15-18 m/min operating speed
  • 230 mm plate width
  • 330 mm plate length
  • Overall LxWxH: 726x345x1060

Features and Benefits of the LT5005 & LT6005

  • The top-notch Honda GXR engines are designed to efficiently provide you with the power necessary to handle even the toughest silt and clay packing jobs.
  • The oil level and air filter indicators as well as the built-in dipstick make it very easy to check your rammer’s oil level.
  • The rammer’s excellent ergonomic design means it’s easy to handle and work with. The single lifting point on the LT5005 and LT6005 mean it’s easy to haul, and the air filter can be easily accessed and replaced without tools.
  • The narrow handles on the rammer mean it’s easier to maintain control, even in narrow spaces or while working close to obstacles
  • Since the LT5005 and LT6005 only take pure petrol, you can be sure that it runs as cleanly as possible.

These are just a few of the benefits that you reap when you choose to go with the LT5005 or LT6005 rammer.

To learn more about the advantages these rammers can bring to your compression work, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk about how the LT5005 and LT6005 can help with a particular project you have in mind.

Other Notes on the LT5005 and LT6005

  • Both the LT5005 and LT6005 can be used with a trolley for lifting and transportation.
  • You can also use the rollers on the storing bar to make it easy to move and store these rammers.
  • When using the LT5005 and LT6005 in cold weather, make sure that you warm up the engine at a low speed and RPM for ideal performance.
  • You will also want to keep up with periodical inspections of components like the spark plug, muffler, recoil starter, and throttle wire and lever.