Air Filters

KAESER’s extensive range of Air Filters ensures that there’s a model available to suit every compressed air need. Water, oil and dust are removed efficiently and with minimal differential pressure.

Product Family



The high pressure filter element ensures reliable filtration with minimal pressure losses:

  • Coalescence filter with new, matrix filter-fibre structure
  • High efficiency even at low air volumes of only five percent of nominal flow
  • Reliable element-to-housing seal
  • Stainless steel orifice tubes, oil & acid resistant coated sleeves and end caps

The filter housing that lasts:

  • Long service life thanks to the epoxy resin coating inside and out (proven in over 1000 hours of salt contamination tests)
  • Easy filter element removal with Kaeser’s O-ring seal system
  • Minimal pressure drop due to optimised air flow
  • The conical bowl and turbulence-free lower filter zone prevent condensate from being carried along with the air flow
  • Audible warning should leakage occur.

The shut off valve allows maintenance of the condensate drain without interrupting air supply

The filter monitor indicates with filter change is required (optional)

  • Microprocessor-controlled LCD display
  • Comprehensive filter monitoring based on:
    – operating time
    – differential pressure
    – operation efficiency: comparison of increasing energy requirement caused by filter clogging to a maximum value that is dependent on the operating conditions and which is calculated by the monitor
  • Significant energy savings
  • ‘Filter change’ warning with red LED and alarm contact
  • Continuous measurement of pressure differential to an accuracy of 0.025 bar via precision
  • pressure transducer
  • Direct data input, no separate programming device required

Condensate drainage with the ECO drain (optional) is electronically level-controlled and fully automatic, which means:

  • No air losses
  • Exceptional reliability

D-Pack Version:
With electronic ECO DRAIN; includes volts-free alarm contact
D-Pack basic version:
With electronic ECO DRAIN 30 condensate drain; for filter sizes F6 to F221