KMM Series

KMM – Efficient, reliable, maintenance free

The KAESER Membrane Module (KMM) not only features the unique “Flow” concept which is designed for long-term efficient air drying and maximum service life, but also uses new highly effective hollow fibre membranes that are woven in a densely packed “helix” structure. Requiring minimal space and no additional power source, the KMM achieves pressure dew points from +3 to -40 °C.

How the Membrane Dryer module works

Moist compressed air flows into the module casing where it comes into contact with the membrane fibres. A minimal amount of this now dry compressed air is used as purge air and is drawn upwards around the fibres and expands to atmospheric pressure. The resulting increase in volume increases the air’s water retention capacity. In combination with with the selectivity of the membrane, the differing water content of the purge air flow and the flow of air to be dried (both flowing in opposite directions), allows water molecules – almost exclusively – to diffuse through the fibre wall. There are separate outlets for the dried compressed air and the purge air.


KMM with FE/FF Filter – Standard Version

  • KMM membrane dryer using the “Flow” concept and helically wound fibres
  • Pre-filter equipped with a float-controlled condensate drain and pressure differential indicator
  • Filter to be fitted by the user, connection components included
  • Outlet silencer also included

KMM without pre-filter

  • For customer-specific filter combinations
  • Filter must be installed at customer‘s premises
  • Outlet silencer also included

KMM with purge air stop valve for enhanced energy savings

  • KMM membrane dryer using the “Flow” concept and helically wound fibres
  • Solenoid pilot-valve: 230 V, 50 Hz, 240 V, 60 Hz, open when de-energised
  • Adjusted and pre-assembled ready for immediate operation
  • Outlet silencer also included

KMM with FE/FF filter, filter monitor and ECO Drain condensate drain

  • Electronic monitoring of microfilter
  • Microprocessor-controlled liquid crystal display
  • Monitors operating time, pressure differential and most economical operating mode
  • Maintenance indicator: Filter change
  • Sends alarm signals via the additional monitor box to master compressed