TEX 140-280 Light Breaker Series

Solid Body, solid performance and ease of use.

The latest TEX series is a marriage of the best and most useful features, characteristics and performance of the breaker range it replaces, and a number of new, but well-proven features such as Atlas Copco’s solid body concept and the two-step trigger, SOFTSTART.

Solid Body Concept

The solid housing design contains fewer parts – meaning grater reliability. It also allos for fast and exceptionally easy on-site service – a few basic tools are all you need.
Exisiting Atlas Copco products that feature the solid body concept have enjoyed great success, winning broad market acceptance.

PE Vibro-Reduced Breakers

For the new PE breakers, with spring-mounted handles, Atlas Copco have further improved the vibration characteristis decreasing the vibration emissions. The new breakers are still as hard-hitting and reliable as the previous TEX series, but with greater operator comfort and more productivity.

PS Breakers – Noise-Reduced, Standard Breakers

These fixed-handle breakers feature all the advantages of the PE series except the vibro-reducing handles. they are as hardy, reliable and productive as ever.


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  • SOFTSTART trigger – full chisel control
  • Handling made easier
  • Solid body Concept – no side bolts, great reliability
  • Noise reduction
  • Air Cushioning
  • Atlas Copco’s HAPS system
  • Integrated Lubricator