TEX P60-P90 Heavy Breaker Series

Big On Power. Big On Performance

With the TEX P60 and TEX P90, Atlas Copco have concentrated on the two key factors for demanding customers: Performance and Reliability. The TEX P60 and P90 are designed, just like the TEX 140-280 series, from a one piece, solid-cast housing, which eliminates the need for separate frontheads, backheads and sidebolts. This design means 30% fewer parts that in traditional breakers. And fewer parts mean fewer breakdowns. The TEX P90 is the most hard hitting breaker in the TEX range and ideal for demanding demolition jobs in hard materials. For TEX P60, the focus is on high productivity when cutting materials like asphalt and therefore it has a high blow frequency.

Minimal Parks Inventory & Easy Service

All but three parts in the TEX P60 and TEX P90 are interchangeable, so your spare parts inventory can be kept to a minimum. These heavy-duty breakers allow extremely fast and easy on-site service. A hammer and a mandrel are all you need for almost any service task, wherever you are.

Typical Application Areas

  • General demolition
  • For use in medium and hard materials
  • TEX P60: Asphalt
  • TEX P90: Hard & Reinforced Concrete


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  • Easy to Manoeuvre
  • Reduced Wear
  • Solid Body Concept – No Side Bolts
  • Controlled Power
  • Full-Shift Lubricator
  • Air-Cushioned Action
  • Optional Silencer