Water Pump

A new concept in lightweight, low cost, water pumps.

A rugged, simple and lightweight air operated pump that requires no priming and is capable of moving approximately 15,000 litres of water per hour, with a cost that is low enough to enable all crews to have one as standard equipment, thereby reducing waiting time and the high cost of hiring conventional equipment.

Unlike conventional pumping machines, this pneumatic water pump will not clog or sieze up when faced with small stones, mud, slurry, sludge etc. and is ideal when fast and efficient removal of water is required.

In tests, the pneumatic water pump, when used with a single tool compressor, pumped water to a height of 4 1/2 metres and is currently in use with the gas, water and electricity authorities as well as nationally known contractors.
• No moving parts
• Lightweight
• Fast & efficient
• Cost effective


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Cylindrical steel, Venturi type with standard claw couplings for air hose.

  • Overall length – 610mm
  • Diameter – 60mm
  • Weight – 3.2kg
  • Air pressure required – 80cfm @ 100psi compressor air at the nozzle
  • Optional – Lay-flat discharge hose