Purchasing a KAESER is a sound business investment.

Compressors should last the life of your business, and parts should be readily available. When you choose the cheaper option, the quality starts to go down hill and parts get harder to source.

As specialists in compressed air, we know quality and reliability matters, and that’s why we choose KAESER.

Purchasing a KAESER is a sound business investment. Firstly, they’re built in Germany to the highest quality standards. Secondly, and most importantly, they’re reliable, efficient and provide superior performance.

You can be safe that you’re choosing a compressor that is not cheaply made, has great re-sale value and is a globally recognised brand with over 30 years of history in Australia.

Choose KAESER, choose Air Powered.

“This is a KAESER M70 compressor. 7 cubic metres or 250CFM of compressed air.

Again, it’s a very reliable machines, driven by the Kubota water cooled diesel engine.
You see the size of the air-end here and you can see that it’s quite a large air-end for a 250CFM compressor. Slow revving, quiet, well laid out, there’s your after cooler, your water separator.

Easy to work on, a really nice compressor. Rugged steel panels, good silencing. Very reliable.

3 year warranty on engine and air-end.

Over here, quite easy to work on. Air cleaner. You’ve got two separate air cleaners, one for the engine, one for the air-end. In most compressors, just have the one, and they do both.

So, well built. Well put together. Easy to operate.

Come over to the control panel, ignition on, little bit of heat. You’ve got a load button here to just bring it up to normal pressure once it’s warmed up.

It’s a great compressor.” – Murray Closter