Why Air Powered?

So why did Murray start Air Powered all those years ago?

“In a word, it was unemployment. I’d been working at Compair for ten years, and I left there to join Whelan Air Rentals and then finally ended up at Coates.

But the 1990 recession hit, and then I found myself out of a job. So Tony Foster and I, who was my partner when we first started, decided that we’d try our own business and we wanted to specialise in compressed air because up until then, within the rental game especially just being a general hire, everyone was a jack of all trades, and an expert at none, so Tony and I thought we could use that knowledge we gained over the years in the compressed air industry and the rental industry and combine them.

Had I had a family and been married and a mortgage and kids, I probably wouldn’t have done what I did, but it was just the right time. I was single and we thought it was a good opportunity to try our own thing before we went back and found a job somewhere else. So that’s what we did” – Murray Closter