Large Impact Wrenches

Atlas Copco Impact Wrenches are designed to provide dependability and a long, trouble-free service life in the toughest conditions. Few other tools are match the Atlas Copco Impact Wrench when it comes to flexibility, capacity-to-weight retio and simplicity in use and maintenance.

Impact Wrenches build up torque in joints where air pressure and tightening time affect the torque obtained. As a general rule, if a wrench impacts longer than 5 seconds on a fastener, a Large Impact Wrench should be used in order to achieve better durability.

*The Atlas Copco Yellow Industrial Tools are ideal for assembly lines, continual usage, high end & critical applications.


Product Family


  • Fast tightening & disassembly
  • Negligible reaction force
  • Low weight
  • High power-to-weigh ratio
  • Soft-start throttle