Atlas Copco LP 9-20 E Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulics Hit Harder

  • Compact, quiet tool which hits harder than any other type of breaker
  • Hydraulics are more efficient than electric, pneumatic or petrol-driven tools
  • Amazing Impact Energy – Hydraulic breakers can be used on concrete, asphalt & frozen ground
  • Can also be used for trenching, tie-tamping, spike driving and general demolition

The Best Power-to-Weight

  • Hydraulic equipment offers the best power-to-weight ratio of any system
  • The Hydraulic Power Pack is so small and light that two people can lift one up and fit it in the back of a van

Easy to Maintain

  • With just two moving parts, there’s minimal wear and very few parts to replace
  • Due to the no spill, flat-face couplings, it’s easy to keep the system clean

A Real Cost Advantage

For the price of one compressor/breaker combination, you can buy two complete hydraulic power pack/breaker sets. In fact, you might not need a power pack at all: with the help of an oil flow divider and an extension hose, you can hook hydraulic tools directly to some hydraulic powered equipment.

Low Fuel Consumption

Many of the power packs are equipped with a fuel saving power-on-demand (POD) system. POD reduces fuel consumption and extends service lifetime and extension hose, you can hook hydraulic tools directly to a hydraulic powered carrier.


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Atlas Copco LP 9-20 E Hydraulic Power Pack

  • Fuel – Electric
  • Power – 5.5 kW
  • Motor type – 3×400 V/32A
  • Weight (incl. oil) – 68kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – 630x530x640 mm
  • Oil flow – 20 l/min
  • Max. pressure – 150 bar