65mm Earth Hammer

PneuVibe Underground Borers are ideal for the underground installation of sewage pipe, telephone, gas and electricity lines, etc.

PneuVibe Underground Borers provide an efficient and cost effective alternative to open cut excavation. Equipped with two alternative head styles, and available in both long and short versions, our borers are Australian made, suitable for a variety of projects and are supported by a one year warranty.

All our borers feature a heavy duty quick connect coupling for easy attachment to borer & accessories to the heavy duty hose.

Complete package which includes Borer, hose, oiler/lubricator, telescopic sighter, range pole & oil is also available.


Model No

Product Family


  • Diameter (mm) – 65
  • Length (mm) – 1175
  • Weight (kg) – 20
  • Air Required (cfm) – 34
  • Air Required (L/S) –  16
  • Operating Pressure (bar) – 7-8
  • Manufactured in Australia

Optional Accessories

  • PneuVibe Borer Launching Platform System – provides
    an adjustable, stable and solid platform which enables the
    operator to accurately seet up and aim borer on both vertical
    and horizontal axis’.
  • Carrots – attaches to borer hose coupling to draw pipe/
    conduct back through bore for easy installation
  • Non Conductive Link Hose – prevents the risk of electric
    shock if live cables are hit with the borer.
  • New or Second Hand Diesel Compressors – provides air to
    power borer. Available in a range of sizes, we will have the
    right one for your needs and budget.
  • Puma Portable Diesel Piston Compressors – electric start to
    provide air to power borer. Yanmar Engine, 2 year year engine
  • Puma Portable Petrol Piston Compressor – electric start to
    provide air to power borer. Honda Engine, 3 year year engine