Pistol Grip Nutrunners

With the Atlas Copco range of Pistol Grip Nutrunners, you get the highest possible torque and speed in relation to the weight of the tool. Fast, accurate and highly operator friendly, the tools are available in reversible versions for maximum flexibility.

The Atlas Copco Pistol Grip Nutrunners are comfortable to operate. The reaction bar eliminates reaction forces and the exhaust through the handle arrangement keeps noise levels low.

The twin motor concept of the Pistol Grip Nutrunners provides extremely fast rundown with good torque accuracy, even on soft joints.

Being able to loosen the Pistol Grip Nutrunners fasteners without changing tools saves time and effort and raises productivity.

*The Atlas Copco Yellow Industrial Tools are ideal for assembly lines, continual usage, high end & critical applications.


Product Family


  • Equipped with twin motors & shut-off valve to ensure the tool shuts off when the preset torque level is reached
  • High torque accuracy, non dependent on air pressure feed
  • Extremely high torque output to weight ratio