Zone 2 Offshore Compressors

Offshore applications demand not only the highest quality machinery, but also the most stringent safety requirements imposed on their machinery in the world. Air Powered have manufactured a range of Zone 2 Offshore Compressors which are used extensively on oil rigs around the coast of Australia.

The Zone 2 Compressors that we offer are ideal for industrial applications including:

  • Barges
  • Offshore oil and exploration rigs
  • Any environment where sparks or flames are not permitted.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Air Start, 100% intrinsically safe – no electrics
  • Full fire suppression system
  • Chalwyn valve (air intake shutdown)
  • Exhaust spark arrestor
  • Fuel shut down sentinel
  • Flameproof exhaust system
  • After-cooler and filtration system fitted
  • Certified DNV rated lifting frame


Product Family



Compressor Output:

  • 900 cfm (424 l/s) @ 150 psi
  • 1100 cfm (519 l/s) @ 150 psi