Northern Oil & Gas Australia

NOGA is an independent oil and gas production gas company, based in WA, with a focus on acquiring and operating producing assets in Australasia.

The Project

The Laminaria and Corallina Oil Fields, Timor Sea

The Problem

Disruptions to the project were caused by the breakdown of compressors on board NOGA’s vessel at sea. The ageing compressors demanded unscheduled maintenance, requiring the ship to head back to dock for repairs.

These disruptions to the project proved costly, both in time and money. NOGA needed a solution to prevent these interruptions.

The Solution

To combat this disruption and associated cost, it was advised a backup compressor on board the ship was the ideal solution. Air Powered sold NOGA an Atlas Copco XAS1600, 1600cfm diesel compressor. This compressor, nicknamed ‘Big Blue’ by the team at NOGA, is used as a back up compressor when the other compressors need servicing or break down. The benefits for NOGA have been immediate.

The Result

Here’s what the customer had to say:

“All is well.

The compressor arrived onboard on the 15th July and by the 17th it was run up, saving the facility from a trip due to a main electric compressor going down.

It has since been run 5 or 6 times in both emergencies and for overdue maintenance on the main compressors, the last being a day ago where it was run for 30 hours straight.

It has earnt the nickname “Big Blue” by the guys out here and the operators are happy we have a backup air supply.”

Anthony Ryan
Offshore Production & Operations Engineer.

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