Rig Safe compressors new to Air Powered

Air Powered have introduced a range of Rig Safe Compressors to complement our Zone 2 fleet, ideal for maintenance on the rigs.

Our Rig Safe Compressors feature:

  • Compact in size – can be moved around the rig
  • Integrated after cooler – providing good quality air
  • Offshore compliance
  • Spark arrestor
  • Chalwyn valve
  • Fully bunded
  • Battery isolator
  • Ignition isolator
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Certified DNV rated lifting frame
  • Ideal for blasting and coatings
  • A small footprint

Offshore applications demand the highest quality machinery, and the most stringent safety requirements in the world.

Air Powered have manufactured a range of Zone 2 Compressors designed for critical application operations where explosive gases could be present.

Ranging from 900-1600cfm, compressors include:

  • Complete air start, 100% intrinsically safe – no electrics
  • Full fire suppression system
  • Chalwyn valve (air intake shutdown)
  • Exhaust spark arrestor
  • Fuel shut down sentinel
  • Flameproof exhaust system
  • After-cooler and filtration system fitted
  • Bunded
  • Certified DNV rated lifting frame

Air Powered’s Zone 2 compressors are used extensively on oil rigs around the coast of Australia.

Zone 2 and Rig Safe Compressors can also be purpose built to suit your application.

For more information, contact Air Powered on 1800 247 769.