Zone 2 Compressors – the latest addition to our hire fleet

Air Powered Services are pleased to announce additional compressors to our range of diesel compressors for hire.

These compressors are offshore “Zone 2” Compressors that feature a DNV rated frame, a no-electric starting system, and an output of 1100 CFM @ 150 PSI.

These new Zone 2 Compressors also include some critical safety features to help keep you and your team well protected in any environment.

Zone 2 Air Compressors

Zone 2 Compressor Uses and Specifications

The new Zone 2 Compressors that we offer are ideal for industrial applications on:

  • Barges
  • Offshore oil and exploration rigs
  • Any environment where no sparks or flames are permitted.

The DNV-rated frame allows the compressor to be lifted in any offshore environment and allows easy maneuverability.

Our reliable Zone 2 Compressors also come equipped with an after cooler and built-in filtration system to ensure you are receiving the best quality compressed air.

Safety in APS Zone 2 Compressors

With so much power, it’s important that diesel air compressors also have sufficient safety mechanisms in place.

Zone 2 Compressors are made with several key safety features that are designed to reduce the risk of a spark or fire:

  • A fully integrated fire suppression system that can put an end to fires before they get out of control.
  • A Chalwyn valve is installed to every compressor to ensure the engine never over speeds and creates excess heat.
  • A Shutdown sentinel which cuts fuel to the engine should a loss of oil pressure in the system occur
  • A flameproof exhaust system to stop the compressor’s emissions from causing a dangerous fire

These top of the line safety features combined with an air operated, ignition system that can start the compressor without a power source makes the Zone 2 Compressors safe for use in all kinds of potentially hazardous environments.

The Zone 2 Compressors are particularly useful in places where the risk of an explosion exists and traditional electric tools can’t used.

The shape and frame on these compressors also make them the perfect addition to any job where space is at a premium.

Of course, you can’t afford to put the safety of your team at risk in exchange for better performance. With the new Zone 2 Compressors from Air Powered Services, you’ll never have to.

Give us a call today to find out how our Zone 2 Compressors can help you get the safest compressed air source available to take care of any job wherever you need it.