Offshore Zone 2 Compressors

Offshore applications demand not only the highest quality machinery, but also the most stringent safety requirements imposed on their machinery in the world.

These offshore rigs require regular maintenance against the harsh salt water environments.

Air Powered Services have been able to provide all of the above in their manufacturing of Zone 2 Compressors.

Air Powered Services not only supply locally, but also internationally.

Air Powered Services Zone 2 Compressors have had a job to do on just about every major offshore rig around the coast of Australia.

The Zone 2 Compressors that we offer are ideal for industrial applications on:

  • Barges
  • Offshore oil and exploration rigs
  • Any environment where no sparks or flames are permitted.


  • Manufacturer:

    900cfm Zone 2 Compressor Sets With:

    • Complete Air Start, 100% intrinsically void
    • Full fire suppression system
    • Chalwyn valve (air intake shutdown)
    • Exhaust spark arrestor
    • Fuel shut down sentinel
    • Flameproof exhaust system
    • After-cooler and filtration system fitted
    • Certified DNV rated lifting frame