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Atlas Copco DCP-10 Dust Collector available from Air Powered.
Atlas Copco DCP-10 Pneumatic Dust Collector

Focusing on health and safety on Construction sites,
Air Powered introduces the Atlas Copco Vacuum Dust Collector.
Ideal for use with jackhammers, rock drills and construction tools to limit dust inhalation on-site, protecting lungs. For use anywhere – in buildings, tunnels and open air environments.

What’s so great about the Atlas Copco DCP-10?

  • Limits dust exposure to operator, protects against silica dust levels rising above permissible exposure limits
  • Simple to set up and easy to use
  • Operated by compressed air, does not require any additional power source
  • Efficient, using 12 litres of air per second
  • It has a semi-automatic filter cleaning mechanism
  • Uses vacuum technology to remove dust at the source
  • Recyclable collection bags last for 8 hours
  • Works indoors and outdoors

Watch the Atlas Copco DCP-10 Pneumatic Dust Collector in action

Check it out working with the Atlas Copco Rock drill below. Drilling into concrete and no dust! Great for working environments and operator health, the Pneumatic Dust Collector is available for sale or hire from Air Powered.

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