Top 5 Advantages of Air Tools

Air Powered's Top 5 advantages of Air Tools.

Looking to save money and add flexibility, power, reliability and safety to your workplace? Air tools tick all the boxes!

Why choose air power?


Ergonomic and simple in design, air tools don’t have a motor, making them lighter and less bulky. Lighter tools allow longer use and less muscle fatigue for operators. In addition, the power to weight ratio is greater for air tools over electric. More power, less fatigue, more output.


Air tools offer dependability for continuous use. Compressed air is a reliable source of power. Unlike electric tools, the simple design of air tools means less breakdown, with no overheating or electrocution risks. Less maintenance due to fewer components (no motor) equates to fewer breakdowns and repairs, resulting in greater productivity for your business.

Lower cost

Savings are made both in the cost of the tools, and energy consumption. Air tools have the capacity to be used continuously, making them cost effective over electric tools. Maintenance and replacement frequency of air tools are both lower when compared with other tool options.


Air tools are intrinsically safe. Because they don’t have a motor, air tools can be used in all weather conditions, and for all applications where electric tools are a potential hazard. There is no risk of electric shock or spark, so air tools can be used in damp or wet areas, or around flammable and explosive materials. This is crucial in industries where electric tools are dangerous if malfunction poses a hazard, such as mining, gas and oil exploration, power plants and industrial applications.


Compressed air offers the flexibility to work in a variety of areas, and in varied and dangerous working conditions and temperatures. Air pressure can easily be adjusted to suit different tools. Tools can be interchanged quickly to work efficiently. Air tools offer high performance in all conditions, resulting in greater work productivity and efficiencies.

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